December 9th, 2010

ED Waiting Area

    SRD was asked to lead a seminar for 150 Kabul doctors at a local hospital. Preston Bennett , M.D., an Emergency Department physician from Arlington, Va., led an orientation on Western style emergency medical services. This may sound minor, but there are no true emergency departments anywhere in Afghanistan. Incredible response! We toured the best facilities in Kabul and reviewed their ambulance services. The Ministry of Health (MOH) has asked Silk Road to initiate an assessment of all emergency care in Kabul and help them upgrade.This is an overwhelming task but one that has totally sparked interest and ideas. Dr. Bennett and a few colleagues plan to assess several hospitals' emergency departments in 2011 and make recommendations to the MOH.
    How can you be of help in this project? Glad you asked... If you are an emergency dept. physician and are willing to either go to Afghanistan or donate funds and/or equipment, please contact SRD:

  Go to the SRD Photo Gallery to see more pictures of current emergency room facilities in Afghanistan.

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