December 9th, 2010

This year's leadership trainings have been so much fun! Five different teams of trainers worked hard to bring new ideas and leadership concepts to government workers in the National Assembly (Parliament) in Kabul and to government employees in                          Mazar e-Sharif. Both classes were taught the same materials, worked through activities that sparked realization moments, and were encouraged to take what they had learned and put it into practice.

SRD has been invited to return to teach another class in Parliament. The governor of Balkh province has again graciously extended an invitation to SRD to facilitate more leadership training. Not only did Governor Atta invite SRD to facilitate the trainings, but he also offer land upon which SRD can build a training center. This is part of SRD's long range vision and with your help, it can be accomplished.   

SRD is hoping to return to Kabul and Mazar e-Sharif in February 2011 to begin more training with the Parliament and Mazar government workers. Your donations make these trainings possible!

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