December 9th, 2010

  The first SRD Education Scholarship recipient has been chosen! After completing all the necessary requirements for entry, as well as fulfilling all the requirements necessary in the application process for SRD, Khushal Totakhil (26) has been accepted to Kardan Institute of Higher Education. Khushal began his studies for a Bachelor degree in Business Administration on November 28 and is immensely excited about his future. Khushal wrote an email of gratitude and included these words, "Today I attended my first class in college. It was great to be back to school. This all is because of SRD. Thanks a lot!"
   Your contributions to SRD are changing the entire future of a man's life. Instead of being a gate guard (chowkidar) with no hope for his future, Khushal is seeing not only his future but his family's future through different eyes...eyes of hope for a bright future. Please consider making a donation to bring hope to others. A four year education at Kardan is about $8500! Won't you help change a life today?

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