May 31st, 2012

   Hamdardi, the hospice program, continues to grow slowly. The clinical coordinator is taking great care to lead the project by visiting the enrolled patients almost daily, depending on the needs of each patient. At the present time, there have been 30 patients enrolled in the Hamdardi program. Some are being seen now by the clinical coordinator but others have expectedly expired due to their terminal illness.

    On a previous trip to Kabul, the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) asked Silk Road Development (SRD) to provide a report from the one-year Hamdardi pilot project to a special MoPH committee. The pilot project was completed in April 2012. We were invited to attend a meeting of this special committee and presented the pilot project report. Before the meeting began, one gentleman approach the Hamdardi representatives to say he was completely against this program and thought it was not a good idea for Afghanistan. However, after the pilot project presentation, this same gentleman spoke out to the whole committee to say that his mind was completely changed after hearing SRD's presentation. He could not say enough good things about Hamdardi and the usefulness of it for the Afghans. He hoped that Hamdardi would be a complete success! While the committee was supportive of Hamdardi, they requested that SRD collect more quantitative data before the next step can be taken. Hamdardi continues to expand across Dasht-e Barchi as patients and their families are spreading their experiences with others.

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