June 1st, 2012

    The SRD education scholarship recipient is in his second year of attending one of the local universities in Kabul. We are pleased to report that he is making excellent grades and accomplishing much toward his degree in business administration. If you wish to donate toward this scholarship fund so that more Afghans can benefit from a higher education, it is easy to donate online at the SRD website. SRD hopes to sponsor many young men and women to strengthen the education of the next generation of Afghan leaders.

    Several members of the team was able to visit a special group of girls at one of the local orphanages in Kabul. This is always such a highlight to see these bright, beautiful girls, hear their laughter and catch up on how they are doing in school. Because the day was sunny and nice, the group met in the rose filled garden to swing, take pictures and give multitudes of hugs. SRD is hoping to facilitate an introduction to computer skills for the girls when returning in the fall. This will be extremely helpful as they progress in school and later on seek jobs.


There is a great need for an increase in Hamdardi funding in order for the project to be maintained and expand. Please consider helping this unique and hugely beneficial project for the people of Afghanistan!

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