December 29th, 2013

The above summarizes the dynamics of change in Hamdardi for 2013. As our 50th patient since 2010 receives care this month, we reflect on the road traveled this year.

February- Introduction to and collaboration with ASAC (Afghanistan Society Against Cancer) physicians results in new friends passionate for palliative care in Kabul. 

May- First Palliative Care Conference in Afghanistan sponsored and conducted by SRD and ASAC at Kabul Medical School. Presentation of Hamdardi and palliative care in Afghanistan by Handardi's Clinical Coordinator

Hiring of a local physician as Hamdardi's Medical Associate.

August- Introduction of six new Hamdardi home caregivers with a two day, hands on training in basics of hospice care by the Clinical Coordinator and a home health nurse.

Expansion of Hamdardi outside of Dashte Barchi into greater Kabul. 

Handardi continues to care…for Afghans with nowhere else to turn. Whether treating deep physical wounds, malnutrition, unending pain, or drinking tea and weeping with grieving families, we strive with passion to care.

Our caregivers are learning, our partnerships growing, and we will always seek to provide excellence in medical expertise.

2013 was a blessing to us because we cherish our patients and their families. The opportunity to give comfort, dignity, and hope to the dying and their families was a gift from Afghanistan and our supporters. We at Silk Road Development end the year with deep thanks.

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