March 2nd, 2016

     Medical education has been an original core priority of Silk Road Development (SRD). The improvement in medical care begins one person at a time. That is why focused efforts have been in building relationships with private doctors, hospital and medical staffs, medical students and residents. A sample of this includes participating in the national GI-Hepatology conference attended by 800 physicians in 2008, directing the 1st Palliative Care conference at Kabul Medical School in 2014 and holding Leadership training at CURE hospital in 2015.

     SRD has brought multi specialty physicians for team training, rounding and mentoring individual physicians to local hospitals several times a year. An Afghan Clinical Coordinator leads Hamdardi, SRD's home hospice program. He received continuing education in palliative care in Lahore, Pakistan, provided by SRD in 2015.

     Current security issues in Afghanistan have resulted in limitations in 2016. This will restrict physician team travel for now as well as change our focus to private one on one interaction in Kabul.  We also plan to expand electronic consultations between doctors and physician teachers in the U.S. In addition, SRD will seek to expand medical partnerships in other Afghan cities. We will continue to value the individual doctor, nurse, and other healthcare deliverers and pour all the resources possible into them. SRD remains optimistic that the best days for the Afghan health sector are coming soon. We pledge to remain committed to this vision.

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