August 7th, 2018

Leadership Training for Kabul Municipality

     What a great honor it was to be invited by the Mayor of Kabul to train his current directors! The class consisted of 20 men and women who currently held leadership positions at the Kabul Municipality. These people were among some of the brightest leadership students we have taught...and the most fun!

     The first session of training took place in February 2018 at a wonderful setting in Babar Gardens. This group was completely engaged with the leadership material being taught and consistently sought ways to implement these new concepts into their lives and daily places of work. The trainers were impressed how each person concentrated diligently to complete the activities associated with the training ideas. While the activities were totally enjoyable and fun, they were complex enough to prompt critical thinking engagement. At the end of the session, a homework assignment was given to the class to encourage further thinking and implementation of what they learned.

     On the evening of the last day of the training, the class planned a celebration. What an amazing surprise they had planned for the trainers! A wonderful group of Afghan musicians performed traditional Afghan songs. The men in the class sang and sang, many danced and all expressed their heartfelt joy of having the freedom to come together and celebrate the ending to a meaningful training. It was significant that the mayor was not only present for the delicious dinner, but the words of encouragement and challenge he expressed to the class were welcomed by all. The mayor also helped give out certificates of participation which meant a great deal to the students.

     The training team returned to Kabul in late April to teach another session of new leadership concepts to the same class. The students returned with delight and anxiously awaited to learn more. Again, the students asked relevant questions, shared personal and professional stories related to the content taught, and left the training with leadership tools waiting to be used. As if the surprise party at the end of the previous session was not enough, these students went above and beyond to organize yet another celebration for the class completing Silk Road Development's basic leadership course. The talented band, the amazing dinner, the laughter, the beautiful gifts, the singing, the delightful dancing, and more laughter all came together to make great memories as friends and colleagues joined together in a fabulous evening of joy.

This class...memorable for sure!

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