May 21st, 2008

I attended the Silk Road Development Leadership Training Seminars at the  Ministry of Finance in Kabul, Afghanistan in May  '08.

I, myself, have delivered Leadership Seminars at Kabul University over the past 2 years.  These have been delivered to larger groups of undergraduates and have, necessarily, been in a more didactic lecture style.  The seminars run by Silk Road Development were of an excellent standard.  I was thoroughly impressed with what I observed for the following reasons:

  1. From the outset, it became evident that these seminars are designed to build relationship rather than simply to communicate information.  This bodes well for the future development of reconstructed mindsets for the leadership and rebuilding of Afghanistan.
  2. The seminars communicate knowledge of constructive concepts in building wholesome and effective working structures.  But they do more than that.  They also give opportunity to outwork those principles both during the seminars, through games and team-building exercises and, through the follow-on courses which provide opportunity for reflection and review.
  3. The evident skills of the President, Cindy Taylor and her team have resulted in a wide constituency of senior and middle management from many different Government Ministries as diverse as the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Counter-narcotics, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Human Rights, Ministry of Women's Affairs and so on.

These seminars are building a bank of goodwill and, I believe, are contributing greatly to meeting the need for mind-set change in Afghanistan.  The latter is essential for the future hope of lasting reconstruction of this war-ravaged country.

Peter Reynolds, BSc [Hons]Soc.  -  May  ‘08

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