August 29th, 2008

     The 1st International Gastroenterology-Hepatology Congress was held at Kabul Medical University on Aug 28-30, 2008. During this historic event, the largest and most ambitious medical conference in Afghanistan's history, over 800 physicians and medical students were provided with instruction in a wide variety of topics, including, viral hepatitis A, B, and C, advanced liver disease, GI malignancies, and acid-peptic disorders. The faculty was composed of Professors and teachers from the U.S., Pakistan, Iran, and Afghanistan.
     During the conference, several of the patriarchs of medicine in Afghanistan received lifetime achievement awards. Professor to student interaction was prioritized and open discussion thrived. The Congress was primarily the outcome of Dr. Qamarrudin Sediqi's vision and dream of bringing world-class teaching to Kabul. Ideas were exchanged, intellects stretched, and long lasting friendships made. Silk Road Development was a key partner and financial supporter of the congress. Dr. Zack Taylor was privileged to teach and serve as a faculty member. The conference would not have been possible without the support and financial backing of numerous organizations and individuals, including Dr. Ed Cattau of Memphis, Tenn.

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