• Only a small percentage of the over 31 million people in Afghanistan have access to health care.
  • The life expectancy for an Afghan is between 43 – 44 years for both men and women.
  • The infant mortality rate in Afghanistan is the 2nd highest in the world (135 infant deaths out of every 1000 births).

Because of these facts listed, Silk Road is committed to training Afghan physicians by providing medical lectures, teaching new and innovative procedures and caring for patients who are in the hospital as well as those needing care at home. Our vision for Afghanistan in the field of medicine includes a plan for hospice care. Currently, there is no hospice care system available in the entire country. Oncology services are non-existent in Afghanistan. It is our desire to introduce hospice to help care for the dying patient with comfort measures and palliative treatment, helping alleviate the fears and concerns of patients and their families. Our hope is to convey compassion and brotherly love to Afghans and their families that have no other alternative during this most critical time in their lives. A kind touch, a caring smile and words of wisdom and love can make a huge difference to a person at the end of his life.

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